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About Anupma Gajwani and studio-a

Anupma Gajwani runs a full-service visual communication studio under the aegis of Studio-A. Based in the National Capital Region of India, she has over 20 years of experience in providing graphic design solutions, branding and corporate communications strategy to national and trans-national clients. 

Studio-A prides itself in being able to breathe visual life into businesses and brands.   It selects its clients with as much care as it does its design vendors and products. It has assisted private corporations, non-profits, universities and governments in developing effective visual communication solutions. Studio-A has accepted clients among universities, the banking sector, FMCG, retail, IT, infrastructure, publishing, hospitality, medical industries, non-profit, international funding and government agencies.

Anupma Gajwani, was trained at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, England. Before establishing Studio-A, she was the Multimedia Director with Magic Software.  

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